Dec 18

Today’s Handmade Rugs in Bessarabia

One of the great things about blog writing is the people you meet. Recently one of my posts received a comment from a family in the region located between Romania and Ukraine once known as Bessarabia. Today known moldovaas the Republic of Moldova, this landlocked, mountainous region produced some wonderfully decorative rugs termed Bessarabian in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It pleased me no end to discover that the art of rug-making still lives on there.

In a separate email the family informed me that the rugs are made by the mother and grandmother and are as old as 30 years and as new as today. The rugs shown on their Facebook page  are for exhibit only, but they do hope to weave and sell new ones. Quoting their Facebook page they claim that “Handmade Carpets are 100% pure wool, made by using moldavian traditional centenary techniques and tools.” Should anyone care to contact them for more information they can be reached at the following email:


While I have not done business with the family nor held one of their rugs, I did find the images on Facebook beautiful. Two of my favorite are shown below. Like earlier carpets from the region they are intensely naturalistic and floral.floralbessmoldova floralbess-moldova

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